“In A World Without Love”

In a world without love, what would it be,

In a world without love, what would we see,

Natural beauty taken forever away, as people take part in make-belief reasons to live their day,

Intelligent animal beings would give up their homes, unwillingly of course, because here there is no love and no remorse

Some to be lucky will surely find their way into cages, unknowingly their presence will help support make-belief wages,

In a world with no love, what would we be compelled to think of?

Would it be of people and places, ideas that manifest into amazing creations,

Or would it be of a lesser vibration where we divide a sphere into nations, and from there down to races,

Blinded from the beauty we try to secure our own tiny spaces payed for with our invaluable time here in which our creator has graced us,

We then learn to conceal our emotions leaving no traces and create for our make-belief life some make-belief faces,

These are the faces we’ll take with us to all the places in the Illusion of a world with out love that we have all now created,

Until that day upon we stumble that one magical thing that brings out the vibrations buried from deep within that up until now had been rather underestimated,

On top of the world, oh to feel like a king, for the emotion of love is the absolute most powerful thing,

But ever so interesting the majority of us living will give up this feeling and go back to an unfair bidding,

Because in a world without love the fake numbers on a screen displaying an amount of fake currency can now determine what role I am to play in a fake society,
and give a world with no love a means in which to judge me.

For only in a world without love will a thing like fashion have an effect on who get’s compassion,

Sympathy and understanding are replaced with the mentality of last man standing, and ruthless under handing,

In a world without love we’d  reside inside even on the nicest days, as the beautiful skies are riddled with lines of genocide made with chemical sprays,

In a world without love the ones on the top will laugh and own all they can, well the people below support their riches and don’t even start to understand, it’s a scam, and they’ve got the upper hand,

In a world without love some of the people may just forget there is something up above, and go about life like there’s nothing they haven’t heard of,

If this is starting to sound like a place you may have heard of indeed, it’s possible you’re on a planet that’s desperately in need

In a world without love most won’t have time to resonate with words like these, so if you’ve read this far,

In a world without love, you could be just what we need.

J.D. Harper