You feel it… You can sense it, something in the back of your mind crawling closer to the front with every new day. I need to change, I can feel it. I need to change now but I don’t know what to change and I don’t know how!

I never used to be this angry, I never used to have outbursts like this, I never felt depression like this… I’ve never been this confused and uncertain about life. I feel like I could just scream! I need to change something in my life now!

You may go on with your day and the feelings dissipate, but not for too long. The next quiet moment, or maybe when you shut down for the night to rest, it’s back. This unwavering urge from within. I need to change! I need to change something and soon!
My health?  My thinking?  My persona ?  My eating habits?  Have I ignored my addictions too long?

I feel okay but I know something is up, maybe…help!

Hello and welcome to The Shalem Soul.   If you are reading this page then there’s a good chance you have come here for a reason, and that reason is important, to us, to you, and to the world we share. This site is a medium for individuals that feel they may need help with understanding and collecting answers to some of the most important questions.

“Why am I here ?”

“Why is my life changing so fast, or not at all ?”

“Why do I feel all these emotions flaring for no apparent reasons all of a sudden ?”

“What is MY life purpose ?”

These are all questions all lot of people are going through right now as times change so rapidly every day. Sometimes, especially for some whom have not been in touch with their inner selves for some time, these can be very confusing times. A lack of spiritual understanding can cause a lot of extra and unnecessary confusion, frustration, anger, empathy, sadness, loss of energy, lethargic feelings, and even mental illness at times.

Understanding the world around us and what is happening can make all the difference in whether or not we are enjoying life and helping others do so, or getting caught up in the negative vibes and cycles that dominate large amounts of our populated areas, ie. Major cities and bigger towns. It can make the difference of whether or not our bodies are getting healthier and stronger or falling weaker and prone to sickness.

The time for change is now and if your feeling it, it’s time to trust your intuition. It’s time to change your life.